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An unusual gift for a special person in your life where their destiny is laid out in a beautiful, decorative natal chart. Gift comes complete with a basic astrological report about their personality.

The chart is made to display one's heavenly destiny in a cosmic wheel showing where the planets are placed in the sky at the time of birth. The chart can be framed for permanent display.

I will need to know Date, Place and Time of birth when placing order.

There are two styles at the moment. This chart style is a Lotus Flower style with sparkling gold, purple and blue edging. This chart may be appreciated by those who prefer a naturally styled presentation with a yoga vibe.

The chart report is basic and gives a brief explanation of the planetary placements. For more in-depth interpretation of your birth chart. I can be contacted for private readings by Skype, or telephone, or my therapy rooms. See my website www.thecosmicdancer.com for more details.

The chart and report are presented in an elegant hand printed paper wallet of gold and purple flowers. 

Charts may also be purchased at Etsy.com - SandyTheCosmicDancer - store.

Lotus Flower Birth Chart

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  • Birth Chart is a beautiful Lotus Flower design that comes with a basic astrological report.

    For a more in-depth reading, please book a private reading with me either via Skype, telephone or in my London therapy rooms.

    All charts require date of birth, place of birth (town/city and country) and time of birth. If time is unknown, please state.

    Email sandy@thecosmicdancer.com for any questions.